Business Today

Founded by Steve Forbes in 1968, Business Today has spent nearly 50 years creating a dynamic forum for top undergraduate students to connect with today’s most influential and inspirational business leaders. Originally called the Foundation for Student Communication, BT was originally comprised solely of the printed magazine, with articles written by undergraduates and business leaders. Today, we have expanded our programming but continued our mission: to enable and empower open lines of communication between business leaders and the students who will eventually follow in their footsteps. Through our conferences, multimedia content, seminars, and assorted programming, Business Today gives students and leaders alike a chance to expand their horizons and broaden their view of the business world.

Main Website

I led a team of 5 talented Princeton students to create the website using a custom Wordpress theme.

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International Conference

I made the website for the 2017 International Conference using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

International Conference Screenshot

Aspire - Women in Business Conference

I made the website for Aspire Conference 2017 using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The conference has now been renamed “Her Ventures”.

Aspire Screenshot