is a web app built using Django and Mapbox that allows users to draw their communities and include information about the residents. This is important because gerrymandering breaks these communities apart and limits citizen’s electoral representation. A famous case is Koreatown during the 1992 L.A. Riots, which showed how Korean Americans who lived there and were affected by the riots could not get help from authorities because they were not properly represented by anyone. gathers and structures the information submitted by citizens so it can be used by redistricters when drawing fairer electoral districts. Website See on GitHub

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We designed and developed in partnership with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and together we aim to share the app with public advocacy groups that will put it in people’s hands ahead of the 2020 redistricting process.

The initial idea for was proposed by Princeton Neuroscience Professor Sam Wang. Prof. Wang shared this idea with Prof. Brian Kernighan who teaches COS 333 at Princeton. My team learned about it and decided to work on it because we wanted to work on a problem with real-world implications.

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