Lancelot is a child-friendly tracker and ad blocker developed for my Princeton Junior independent research. To develop Lancelot, I interviewed 14 children aged 7-11.

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Current status: The current status of Lancelot is in development.

Link to paper.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Theodor Marcu at

Lancelot is a fork of uBlock Origin, which is distributed under the GNU Public License.


Popup DialogWebpage with Lancelot Example
Updated uBLock Origin Popup so children and parents alike can have more control and better understand what’s happening.Lancelot replaces ads with useful messages and graphics that help children understand online tracking and advertising in a contextual way.

Credits and Acknowledgements

Thanks to Raymond Hill and all the uBlock Origin contributors for building an efficent open-source tracker blocker. I also want to express gratitude to my advisor, Prof. Marshini Chetty, for her guidance throughout this year. Last but not least, I want to thank the creators of CatBlock for providing me with the inspiration to write an efficient ad-replacement script.

Thank you to ObinSun Pixel Art for providing me with inspiration for Lancelot’s pixel knight logo.


This software is released under a GPL license.