Avatar Pic Theodor Marcu Princeton Computer Science 2020 Google APM Intern
Ex-Director, New York TigerTrek
Ex-Director, Princeton Entrepreneurship Club Alumni Relations


Created an open-source web app to help fight gerrymandering in the US! Representable.org is a crowdsourced tool that allows users to represent their communities and make their voices heard.

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Lancelot is a child-friendly tracker and ad blocker meant to help children and parents better understand online tracking and ads. To develop Lancelot, I interviewed 14 children aged 7-11.

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Campfire Audio

Campfire is an easy-to-use audio calling service that lets you hang out with your friends more easily.

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Bombdefenders Mobile Game

Designed and developed simple arcade game. Available on iPhone and iPad!

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Hardware Art Installation

As a class project, I made a cool interactive art installation that has users control a metal ball on sand using motion-tracking cameras.

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Medical Engineering - Redesigning the Pulse-Oximeter

Co-invented a new pulse-oximeter design to improve doctor usability and patient satisfaction while reducing alarm fatigue in hospitals. We are now in the process of obtaining a design patent.

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New York TigerTrek

I directed a trip for Princeton students to meet with the best entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in NYC during Spring Break 2018.

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Business Today

As the Director of Technology for Business Today, I managed and implemented the redesign of the organization's website. I also redesigned the websites for the International Conference and Aspire Conference.

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Silicon Valley TigerTrek

I redesigned the website for Silicon Valley TigerTrek, a trip during which Princeton students get the chance to visit the Valley and learn from entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey, Sergey Brin, and many others!

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Designation Conference

As the Director of Technology for Designation Conference, I developed and designed a website that highlighted young design talent and generated leads and applications.

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Co-created an addicting iOS and Android game!

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Open Vote - Fighting Electoral Fraud in Romania

Led the design and development process of OpenVote, an electoral fraud reporting app for the 2014 Romanian Presidential Elections.

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Founded a Romanian tech website and YouTube channel with Stefan Gergely.

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